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Zeugma Ancient City - Gaziantep
Information about Zeugma Antique City:

Belkıs / Zeugma is a city located on the hills 10 km in Nizip district of Gaziantep. Selevkos Nikator I, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, founded a city of Selevkeia in 300 BC where Alexander the Great crossed the Euphrates. He established a second city in the name of his wife Apama and connected these two cities with a bridge. From 31 BC onwards, the city was connected to Rome and its name was changed to geçit Zeugma ında in the sense of passage-bridge. The Roman period lived in the golden age of the city. In 256 AD, the Sassanid king Shapur I captured Zeugma and destroyed it. After the transmission Zeugma could not reach its former glory. Zeugma, Roman period, art field has advanced, mosaic tiles that decorate rich villas have become compete with the world examples. It turns out that Zeenin is literally a mosaic city. Gaziantep and given to Turkey "a world record" reached between the Zeugma excavations in this area and a Belkis / Zeugma is located between those who make it to explore.

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